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    Technical support and Service

    Everclear Group has a professional technical service team. We will diagnose and trace each project before sale, during sale and after sale. Win over benefit maximization for the customers. Our aim: Quality first, customer orientation.


    Environmental protection engineering project overall solutions consulting

    According to customer requirements, our technical people will go to the site and check it and talk the technical details with the clients, to determine the final plan. And provide the corresponding engineering equipment layout and the related technical drawings. To provide the pre-sale service for the clients as much detail as possible.

    Environmental protection equipments selection consulting

    According the customer requirements and the specific conditions, we will work according the pollution types, such as concentration, temperature, pressure and other related parameters to choose the best type dust catcher for the clients, and provide non-standard design to save cost for the clients. And at any time, we will improve the dust catcher performance according the client some changes during the sales.

    Environmental protection system(including installation instruction and operation security) consulting after sales

    Dust catcher system after installing and running, we can provide the completed documents for operation and maintenance and make a serial trainings for the relevant people. We also can be on behalf of custody during the system running and solve the problems in the operation of the whole system at any time. To provide secure service for the clients after sales.

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